Dr. Ted Obbard
Dr. Ted Obbard

We come into our relationships with high hopes. While disappointments are inevitable, they offer us the chance to work together toward an increasingly rich and rewarding relationship. Whether you are seeking premarital counseling, considering divorce, or just in a rough patch, couples therapy can help you build deeper understanding, better teamwork, and greater intimacy.

Dr. Ted Obbard

Too often, forces from outside our partnership – job stress, parenting pressures, ‘baggage’ from our past – get our relationship stuck in a bad cycle. We start to feel attacked, unappreciated, or alone.

Using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), I can help you
   – understand the cycle in which your relationship gets stuck
   – feel and appreciate the needs you have that drive the cycle
   – discover and practice new ways of getting your needs met
       while building closeness and understanding

As we practice these authentic, powerful new ways of relating in our sessions, you will start to feel the way you relate at home shift. As these new modes of teamwork strengthen through use, you will find you can work through even those difficult topics that have felt ‘too hot to touch’ for years.

Couples conflict is a sign that you have not given up hope of realizing your dreams with your partner. With improved communication, you can share your frustrations and needs safely. As you better understand each other, your partnership will strengthen. You can re-awaken the dreams that drew you to each other, and move into your future together with confidence.

I have helped many couples in the Oakland Berkeley area work through a wide range of issues, including sex and intimacy, affairs, partner depression, money problems, anger management, pornography use, drug and alcohol addiction, parenting, divorce, and stepfamily adjustment.

To talk more about how we could work together in couples counseling, call me at (510) 652-5253 or email me at DrTedObbard@Gmail.com

I look forward to talking with you.

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